On Thursday 16 July we held the third round of the Monthly Open Print competition, and James Hardy, President of the L&CPU was our judge.

In the Club Level section, there were only 4 prints from 2 authors, which we felt did not make a competition. Having previously spoken to these two members and others in the club, we decided to put these Club Level entries in with the prints from the Intermediate group. The scores they were awarded would be added to the Club level score sheets.

After an initial run through, James kept three Intermediate / Club Level prints back, and gave us his comments and scores to the other prints. The print scoring the full 20 points was “Grand Central Station” by David Barker.


 Grand Central

“Grand Central Station” by David Barker

There were twenty-four prints in the Advanced group, and after a run through James held back eight prints. After commenting and awarding points to he remaining prints, James returned to the held prints. He awarded three prints the maximum 20 points, which were “Morecombe Bay Walk” by Mike Williamson, “Kingfisher with Fish” by Richard Towell, and “Male Kestrel basking in the early morning Sun” by Brian White.

 Morecambe Bay Walk for web site

“Morecombe Bay Walk” by Mike Williamson


 Kingfisher with fish web

“Kingfisher with Fish” by Richard Towell


 Male Kestrel Basking in the early Morning Sun

“Male Kestrel basking in the early morning Sun” by Brian White


Our thanks to James Hardy, and our congratulations to these winners, and thanks to all our members who entered this competition.

The score sheet and leader boards can be viewed by clicking on the relevant link below.