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The Bolton Camera Club meets weekly throughout most of the year and gives a very warm welcome to visitors and new members. We have been sharing a passion for photography since 1884 and are more than happy to share with you, whether your interest is in film or digital, audio visual or more technical aspects of photography. 

We were delighted to welcome Councillor Stephen Laycock, Town Mayor of Blackrod, to our club to present the Trophies on Thursday 13th February 2014, after which he treated us to an illustrated lecture of his underwater photography images.

With regard to the club monthly competitions in 2013, our new scoring system was in operation for the first time. It achieved at least one of its main goals as all the competitions were not concluded until the last round had taken place. It was also possible to see at any stage who had outscored who as friendly rivals took place between members. It also highlighted how the junior members compared to each other.

Whatever the individual scores are, the competitions gave us a wonderful chance to see superb images by other members during the year, right up till the final rounds as some members tried to win the various competitions. This resulted in fun for the audience and fun for the individuals.

As with any competition there are winners, but due to the high quality of the images there are no losers in our competitions.

The Shield is awarded to the winner of the Advanced Projected Image competition, in which David Hawkins came third, one point ahead of Brian White. Kevin Shipley CPAGB gained one point more than David so came second. The winner with 43 points including three 10-point scores was Richard Towell.

The Morris Trophy is presented to the winner of the Beginners Projected Image competition, and this was just as close at the top, with Paul Longden beating Nina Thomasson by one point to claim third place. Blake Wardle was our highest placed junior member with 36 points, one more than Paul. In top spot on 39 points including two 10-point scores was Chris Evans.

The winner of the Advanced Print Competition wins the Schofield Trophy, and here both Mike Williamson and Richard Towell scored 38 points, so both of them were third. David Hawkins scored three 10-point scores and two more points than Mike and Richard to come second. Also with three 10-point scores and higher scores than David in other rounds was Paul Baybut on 44 points.

The Lindeth Trophy is awarded to the top scorer in the Beginners Prints, and the tables were reversed as Nina Thomasson beat Paul Longden by 4 points into third place. Phil Durkin had a final spurt as he scored 10 points in the last two rounds, ending up in second place. The winner by two points and scoring three 10-point scores was Peter Thomasson.

The Roy Williamson Trophy is for the winner of the Themed Competition, and this was the most closely contested, with 42 members entering at some stage of the year. Any one of six members were still able to win it after the third round in August. The top two spots were finalised at the end of September with one round to go to sort out the ultimate winner, and third and fourth places were also contested in the final round. Third place eventually went to Richard Towell who ended up three points ahead of Judy Bell. Beating Richard by 15 points and in second place was Peter Thomasson, who despite having two 10-point scores was just two points behind the winner. In the lead and on 72 points, helped by three 10-point scores was Paul Baybut.

Our Junior members also performed well, with Blake Wardle in front in the Beginners PDIs, Emma Durkin leading the Juniors in the Beginners Prints and Tom Durkin being the highest Junior scorer in the Themed competition.

The Russell Trophy is presented to the author of the Best Print in our Annual Exhibition. This was held in Waterstone’s Bookshop in November and judged by Norman Thompson from Bury Photographic Society to be “Alnmouth Groyne” by Jeff Layer.

The Coronation Cup is for the best projected image selected from the top three images in this years competitions, and was judged by Tony Redford from the North Cheshire Photographic Society to be “Waiting at the Door” by David Hawkins

The David Farrell Trophy is for the best image taken on a club Day Out during the year, and Mike Davis from the Rochdale Camera Club judged this to be “Climbing Out of the Deep” by Ray Jefferson.

The Dennis Cup is awarded to the member achieving the highest score in our Audio Visual competition and this was presented to Mike Hesp.

Congratulations to the winners, who will receive a Trophy, and well done to everyone who took part in our competitions in 2013.

Our sincere thanks to Councillor Stephen Laycock for presenting the trophies and for entertaining us with his lecture.


A photograph taken by one of our members

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