Theme Competition No1 "Technology"

On Thursday 28th March the club held its first Theme Competition of the year, the theme on this occasion was "Technology".

Theme Competitions are open to all members and they can submit a maximum 2 images which can be  as 2 Projected Digital Images (PDI) or 2 Prints or 1  PDI and 1 Print.

The judge for this competition was George Steel.

The Print that scored the maximum of 20 points was


                                                                           The Falkirk Wheel Mike Williamson web page size

                                                                                  "The Falkirk Wheel" by Mike Williamson

There were two Projected Digital Images that were awarded the Maximum 20 points, and they were

                                   Light Bulb                         The Chaser

                                              "The Bulb" by Peter Corser                                                              " The Chaser" by Ken Bradley