Our third print competition of the year took place on Thursday 15 June, with guest judge Darryl Giles from Lytham PS.

The 23 prints in the Club Level were presented to Darryl first, and he gave useful hints and tips to the authors about each print. He held 6prints back and after further consideration awarded twenty points to “Tranquil Ullswater” by David Miller.

Tranquill Ullswater for printing Web

 “Tranquil Ullswater” by David Miller.


The 31 prints in the Intermediate Group were shown next, and Darryl held back no fewer than 11 of them. After some deliberation twenty points were awarded to two prints, “Autumn Falls, Tiger Clough” by Don Isherwood and “Female Kestrel” by Ken Tebay.

                        Autumn Falls Tiger Clough Don                            Female Kestrel Ken Tebay

               “Autumn Falls, Tiger Clough” by Don Isherwood                 "Female Kestrel" by Ken Tebay

The 23 prints in the Advanced Group were shown last, and Darryl held back ten of them. The Top score was awarded to both “After the Rain, Loch Duich, Glenshiel” by Mike Williamson and to “Birch Tree, Hodge Close” by David Hawkins.

After the Rain Loch Duich                  Birch Tree Hodge Close

    “After the Rain, Loch Duich, Glenshiel” by Mike Williamson                  "Birch Tree, Hodge Close" by David Hawkins

Our thanks go to Darryl for his helpful comments and scores of the 80 prints on show at his competition.

The scores and titles can be read on the pdf attachments below.