The second round of this year’s print competitions took place on Thursday 20 April, with judge Nick Hilton EFIAP, DPAGB,BPE5* from Southport PS. Nick said he looks for image content, technical quality, and subject matter in an image, and for prints he also considers if the mount is of an appropriate colour, print quality and choice of paper used. Nick explained that his scoring will be initially out of 16, with images scoring 17 to 20 being held back.

The 23 Club Level prints were shown first, and Nick showed his detailed understanding of photography by his insightful comments. Nick held back 6 prints and after further consideration awarded the full 20 points to “The Night Stair, Hexham Abbey” by Dave Liggett.

Night Stair Hexham Abbey2

 “The Night Stair, Hexham Abbey” by Dave Liggett.

There were 30 prints in the Intermediate Group, shown next. After the benefit of Nick’s knowledge and comments 9 were held back, and the full 20 points awarded to “Sunrise over Derwent Water” by John Durkin, and to “Sunset over the Cliffs” by David Barker.

John Durkin Sunrise at Derwent water 20 marks

“Sunrise over Derwent Water” by John Durkin

Sunset over the Cliffs

“Sunset over the Cliffs” by David Barker.

The 25 prints from our Advanced group were presented to Nick last, and nine were held back. The 20 point top scores went to no fewer than four prints, namely “Kingfisher with Fish” by Richard Towell, “Media City in Mono” by Phil Durkin, “Wild Jay” by Phil Chrystal, and “Water Rail” by Richard Towell.

 Towell Kingfisher with Fish2

“Kingfisher with Fish” by Richard Towell

Media City in Mono

 “Media City in Mono” 

Wild Jay

“Wild Jay” by Phil Chrystal

We thank Nick for his constructive and very helpful comments over all the 78 prints shown on the night.

The scores can be seen by clicking on the pdf files below.