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The Bolton Camera Club meets weekly throughout most of the year and gives a very warm welcome to visitors and new members. We have been sharing a passion for photography since 1884 and are more than happy to share with you, whether your interest is in film or digital, audio visual or more technical aspects of photography. 

Fifty eight camera club members from Bury and Bolton gathered to witness the latest Bury v Bolton Battle on Thursday 7th October. Hosts Bolton welcomed our guests and the inter club competition started with the10 projected images from each club.

Guest judge Bill Johnson ARPS DPAGB APAGB from Pudsey, Leeds, said they were an "impressive collection of images" and he gave each a critical review and score. The full 20 points were awarded straight away to "Black Tailed Godwit Encounter" by  our very own Nigel Howard. Judge Bill said it was "a cracking print" and a  "superb action photograph."

A total of 4 other images were held back for further consideration, each being collectively awarded 19 points. After all the scores were totalled, the result of the projected images was Bury 165 points to Boltons 158 points, a difference of only 7 points after 10 images. It was all to play for in the print competition!

After a run through of the prints, Judge Bill gave his constructive comments and scores. He said "there are some excellent prints on show" and he awarded 20 points to "European Squirrel in Rain" by Bury's Barrie H Kelly. After considering a further 4 held prints Bill awarded 20 points to "Grey Frankolin and Family" by our own Adrian Drummond-Hill and "Mirror Mirror by the Wall" by Jane Miller from Bury.

At the end of the print section the score was 171 to Bury and 161 to Bolton, only 10 points the difference. The final score of both rounds was Bury 336 points and Bolton 319 points. Congratulations were given by Bolton's President to Bury, and Bury's President thanked both judge Bill for his comments and Bolton for the hospitality.

The next "Battle" will be in Bury in April 2011, but in the meantime our top scoring images can be seen below, and all results and the judges comments on Boltons entries can be seen by clicking on the pdf attachment below.



"Black Tailed Godwit Encounter" by Nigel Howard.       20 points.

"A cracking image. A superb action shot with great detail"                                     


"Grey Frankolin and Family" by Adrian Drummond-Hill.      20 points.

" A cracking print. The bird is alert and the grasses are suitably in and out of focus. A really good picture that is both difficult to take and unusual. It cannot be improved."






A photograph taken by one of our members

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