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The Bolton Camera Club meets weekly throughout most of the year and gives a very warm welcome to visitors and new members. We have been sharing a passion for photography since 1884 and are more than happy to share with you, whether your interest is in film or digital, audio visual or more technical aspects of photography. 

Wednesday 21 March saw the annual print inter club competition run by the North Cheshire Photographic Society. Held in Poynton’s Civic Hall the NCPS also launched their annual print exhibition, so there were many superb prints on display for the audience to admire.

The print competition comprised of 5 prints from the 13 clubs taking part, with guest judge Tom Dodd FRPS FIPF DPAGB from North Wales. He went through the prints and scored them initially out of 19 points, with those prints scoring 19 held back, and after further consideration he awarded one print the full 20 points.

Our first print was “Female Water Rail” by Blake Wardle which the judge said was a very good image of the bird, but he wondered if it was too tight in the frame, and he scored it 18 points.

Female Water Rail

“Female Water Rail” by Blake Wardle DPAGB

Next for us was “Marlborough Point” by Peter Thomasson. Judge Tom thought the colours were “fantastic”, with very good light on the rock. He said it sums up the landscape very well and awarded it 18 points.

Marlborough Point

“Marlborough Point” by Peter Thomasson.

Commenting on our third print “Swan Lake” by Paul Longden, Judge Tom was intrigued by “the aging dancer who was not a young chick” and he liked the way it created movement and was well defined. He liked the way she was isolated from the background, and he gave it 18 points.

Swan Lake

“Swan Lake” by Paul Longden

Our fourth print was “Leaving Baker Street” by Phil Durkin, which judge Tom said was a very good urban picture. He said the photographer knew what they wanted to achieve with the train moving, one person, the light, and the sign, and he admitted it all fits together very well, and scored it 19 points. This print was held back with the others that had scored 19 points for further consideration later.

leaving Baker Street

“Leaving Baker Street” by Phil Durkin CPAGB BPE2*

Our fifth and final print was “The Tough Mudder Roar” by Richard Towell, which Judge Tom said this was a very good portrait, and had a very good “mucky” feel to it. Tom would have liked to see something of the background or environment rather than the black background, and felt it was “a bit soft below the man’s neck” and awarded it 17 points.

The Tough Mudder

“The Tough Mudder Roar” by Richard Towell DPAGB

Our overall total was 90 points which put us in joint second place with Leek PS and one point behind The Evolve Group. With the 19 scoring images to be considered. Tom awarded the full 20 points to “Mating Toads” by Mike Hudson from The Evolve Group, who won this competition with 92 points.

Our congratulations go to The Evolve Group, and to Mike Hudson, and our thanks go to Tony Redford and the team at NCPS for yet another excellent competition,raffle and hospitality, and for a superb display of prints in their exhibition. We look forward to taking part again in this competition next year.

Download this file (Bolton_Prints NCPS 2018.pdf)Full Score sheet NCPS 2018[ ]10 kB

A photograph taken by one of our members

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