Our first Inter Club competition of 2019 was at North Cheshire PS in March. There were 17 clubs entered this year and as always there was very stiff competition. We came a very creditable 5th  just 2 points short of a Third Place.  

This event is very interesting and well attended. If anyone comes to this competition you have the opportunity to view the NCPS annual print exhibition. There are some wonderful prints on display.

Our second battle of the year was our Annual away competition with Bury PS.  Several of our members attended this competition and will have seen we didn’t do quite as well as we would have hoped for. In the prints we won by 2 points, but in the digital images we lost by 5 points, giving Bury a 3 point victory.

The next Competition was the Ted Coleman Memorial PDI Knockout in Rochdale. This year’s event was attended by 18 clubs, each club enters 13 images, with the first 4 pre-selected.  There are 3 Knockout rounds each with 4 images scored. We managed to get into round 2 this year, not as good as last year unfortunately.

After the 3 rounds the 2 remaining clubs have1 Image left where the Judge selects an overall winner. This was again won by Chorley P.S.

On to Swinton Battle, as always we were made very welcome. This is a small club with some very well accomplished and excellent photographers. So far this year as a club, I think they produced some of the best images I’ve seen from the club.

Now on to the result: - In the PDIs Swinton scored 181 points, Bolton scored 189, a lead of 8 Points.Swinton had 2 held back none of which, surprisingly actually scored 20 points. Bolton had 6 of the 10 images held back, 4 scored a maximum of 20. ‘Lindisfarne Harbour’ by Peter Maddock was adjudged the best pdi on the night.

In the print section the scores were as follows; - Swinton 178, giving them a grand total of 359. Bolton scored 181, a narrower lead of just 3 points, giving us an overall score of 370. A total of 11 points overall victory. Swinton had 4 images held back with two scoring 20 points maximum, Bolton had 5 images held back with two also scoring 20 points.

Next was Wigan PS, Bolton Digital PS and us, in a 3 way battle at Wigan in September. Unfortunately, Bolton Digital were a no show for, as yet, unclear reasons. However we still had a great evening with some superb images being shown. The scores were as follows:-

In the digital section Wigan scored 206, we scored 197, Wigan had 3 images held back, Bolton had 4 held back. In the print section, Wigan scored 198 with 3 held images, we scored 207 with just 1 held back.So, it was a dead heat!

On to October, we had the “Blackburn Extravaganza” unsurprisingly held at Blackburn. There were 10 clubs entering this year, as the current champions for two years (no competition last year), we naturally entered this competition.

This competition is only 4 images from each club, with the judges giving a lecture in the first half, then judging the images in the second half. Unfortunately, we lost our crown to Bury, who were very deserved winners. We came fourth.

On 24th October we hosted the Bury Battle and yet again we let Bury win.  In the prints they won by 11 points, and in the digital images we also lost by 11 points, giving Bury a 22 point victory, 355 points to our 333 points.

The 16th November saw our Annual L&CPU Inter Club knockout competition involving 30 clubs, as such the competition was reduced to 5 Images from each club. So there were 150 Images to view on the evening,

By round 2 this had been reduced to 121 images, ‘Wow’ by Alan Bromiley and ‘Water Rail’ by Richard Towell were eliminated by the end of round 2.

By round 3 we were down to 60 images, with ‘Male and Female Kingfisher’ by Blake Wardle and ‘The Chasing Peloton’ by Mike Williamson being eliminated.

The next round we were down to 21 images, where unfortunately our final image was eliminated, this was ‘Baker Street’ by Phil Durkin. 

At the end of the competition we came a very creditable 9th place. Just 1 point short of 6th place.

Our last competition of the year was the new 3-way matching Images competition, between Middleton, Stockport and ourselves.

The competition appeared to be a huge success and most of our members seemed to enjoy the evening.

Even better we won the magnificent trophy that was made by Ken Bradley, thank you once again Ken.  For those that missed the evening the scores were as follows.

Middleton and Stockport came joint last, or second if you prefer with 68 points, and that leaves just Bolton CC who score a brilliant 78 points.

Another successful year of competitions, all great fun and all with superb images on display.