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The Bolton Camera Club meets weekly throughout most of the year and gives a very warm welcome to visitors and new members. We have been sharing a passion for photography since 1884 and are more than happy to share with you, whether your interest is in film or digital, audio visual or more technical aspects of photography. 

This annual inter club competition took place on Saturday 22nd November 2014 at the Albany Science College in Chorley. Each club entered 8 images with no more than two per worker, with the first four images being by different workers.

The original plan was to have the first seven images as the formal entry and the eight image held in reserve for a tie break. However 44 clubs had entered this year, creating problems for the organisers. It was decided that each club be reduced to just four images, which still produced 176 images for the judge to view! As the images were entered in order of priority from each club this meant the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth images from each club were not shown.

The judge with this challenge was John Cartidge EFAIP/p BPE4* from Cannock in Staffordshire. He said as there was so many images he would have to be very critical and 2knit-pick” to eliminate images and be left with one winner at the end. All the images were shown in round 1 and many were eliminated. The remaining images were shown again in Round 2 and more were knocked out. This format continued until just 9 images remained.

Our first image was “Blue Morphos Butterfly” by Alan Bromiley, which John said was “technically very good” but he found the background distracting and eliminated it from the competition at Round One.

Our second image was “Morning Paper at the Sage” by David Hawkins, which John felt would be better if it was a lower position, with the gentleman more prominent. He also questioned the reflections on the window and tabletop, and eliminated it at Round One.


Our remaining two images successfully went through Rounds One and Two, but both came to grief in Round Three. “Great Crested Grebes” by Richard Towell was “ a very good image” and “well taken” but was up against a very high quality of images in this competition.

“Llanddwyn Island Lighthouse” by Kevin Shipley CPAGB was described by John as “a good image” but had “a highlight in the sky” and John felt “it needed more punch”

One point was awarded for the round an image was knocked out, ands this resulted in this club having a total score of just 8 points, in joint 29th place. The winners were Blackburn and District with 15 points, and the overall best image was “Ghostly Grizedale” by Melvin Nicholson from Preston PS.

Our congratulations go to these winners, and our thanks go to the organisers and judge for putting on a well-run competition with many superb images. We look forward to next year’s competition.

A photograph taken by one of our members

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