The L&CPU conduct this annual competition in April each year to encourage club members to submit prints and projected images to compete with each other as individuals. They organise a separate competition earlier in the year for clubs to compete against each other.

The prints and PDI are shown to three judges, who this year were Rod Wheelans MPAGB MFIAP FRPS, Anne Greiner MPAGB, and Leo Rich ARPS DPAGB. As the competition attracts thousands of entries, the judges see each image for just a few seconds, and then score each one to a maximum of 5 points. The score per image from each judge is added up to give the total score for the image; the maximum score is (3 x 5) 15 points. A score of 11 and above is considered to be very good at club level.

For both prints and PDI there are three sections, namely Open Colour, Open Monochrome and Nature, and a photographer may enter up to 4 images in each section.

Many of our members are eager to enter this competition to see what the judges score their images, and to see how we fare against each other and members from other clubs.

Over recent years our members have enjoyed much success at this competition, and this year has been no exception. Richard Towell and Kevin Shipley CPAGB have both achieved a score of 13 points, Richard twice for his Nature Prints “Leaping Squirrel” and “Mating Avocets”, and Kevin for his Monochrome PDI “ Three Letters beginning with D”. As a result of these scores both have been awarded with a Certificate from the L&CPU.

Congratulations to Richard and Kevin, and to the following members who have achieved at least one score of 12 points: Mike Williamson CPAGB, Phil Durkin, Ian Walker and Brian White.

Our full entry with the titles and scores of all our images in each section can be seen on the following pdf attachment.

We look forward to having similar success next year in this keenly contested competition.

Download this file (2014 Individual Results.pdf)Individual Results[ ]65 kB