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The Bolton Camera Club meets weekly throughout most of the year and gives a very warm welcome to visitors and new members. We have been sharing a passion for photography since 1884 and are more than happy to share with you, whether your interest is in film or digital, audio visual or more technical aspects of photography. 

At the end of a year of keenly contested competitions, we are delighted to announce the winners and welcome Garth Tigue back to make the trophy presentations on Thursday 25 January 2018.

The overall high standard of images we have enjoyed at our competitions is a credit to all our members, and many judges have commented on the difficulty this presented them during the scoring process of your images and prints.

 Our competitions are not all about winning, as we celebrate, by way of a Certificate, those members who also came second and third, showing high standards of photographic excellence.

First up is the Lindeth Trophy for Prints at Club Level.  In third place on 29 club points is Chris Hutchinson.  In second place with 32 Club points is Mark Woodcock. 

Lindeth Dave LIggett web

Having achieved three maximum scores from judges and two second places, in first place with a total of 46 club points is Dave Liggett.


The Morris Trophy is for Projected images at Club Level. We had a tie for second place with two members scoring 27 points. Whilst one member achieved two second places from judges, the other member scores full points in March. So in third place is Derek Ainsworth and in second place is Margaret Edwards

Morris Dave Liggett web

Having achieved two maximum scores from judges and two second places, in first place with a total of 41 club points is Dave Liggett.


In 2017 we created the new level for Intermediate members, and dug deep into the archives in search of two suitable trophies. The John A Fitton Trophy is for Prints at the Intermediate Level. In third place with 37 club points is Don Isherwood.  We had a tie for with two members scoring 44 points each. Both had scored maximum points from the judges on two occasions, and both achieved second place in the other three rounds. Our Count-back rules state that for such an occurrence the member who scored the highest in the last pound is the winner. So having scored 8 club points in October second place goes to Alan Bromiley.

John Fitton John Durkin web

Thanks to scoring top spot in October the winner of the John A Fitton Trophy is John Durkin.


Also new for this year is the Stan Davis Trophy, now being used for Projected Images at Intermediate Level. In third place with 34 club points is John Durkin. In second place with two maximum scores and a total of 38 Club points is Nina Thomasson.

Stan Davis Don Isherwood web

This was a very closely fought competition and by virtue of outscoring Nina in the final round, with a total  39 points  the trophy winner is Don Isherwood.


The Schofield Trophy is for Prints at the Advanced Level. In third place on 40 club points is David Hawkins. In second place with 42 Club points is Mike Williamson CPAGB

Schofield Richard Towell web

Over the five rounds, with three prints achieving maximum scores and two coming second, a total of 46 club points and the trophy goes to Richard Towell DPAGB.


The Shield is for Projected Images at the Advanced Level. In third place on 35 club points is Ian Walker. Just one point ahead with 36 Club points, in second place is Richard Towell DPAGB

Shield Phil Durkin web

Having won three rounds, the clear winner on 44 club points is Phil Durkin CPAGB



 Russell Gordon Hartley web

The Russell Trophy for best print taken on a Club Day Out goes to Gordon Hartley



 David Farrell Alan Bromiley web

 The David Farrell Trophy for best projected image taken on a Club Day Out goes to Alan Bromiley.


To celebrate holding two rounds of Audio Visual competitions we award the Dennis CupIn third place on 10 club points is David Miller. In second place with 16 Club points is Richard Towell DPAGB

Dennis Don Isherwood web

Having won both rounds with his superb AV Sequences the Trophy goes to Don Isherwood.


The Geoff Davies Trophy was recently established in memory of one of our founder members and past president Geoff Davies. This mono print competition on street photography goes, for the third consecutive year, to Ian Walker.

(Ian was unable to be present at the Trophy Presentations evening and will be presented with his award soon)



Another much loved long time member of this club was Roy Williamson, and this trophy in his name is to celebrate our Themed competitions, which Roy pioneered. Held over five rounds for both Prints and Projected images this competition attracted 49 members to take part, more than half our total membership. Closely contested all year, the winner was decided at the very last round.In third place on 55 club points is Peter Maddock. In second place with 57 Club points is Don Isherwood.

Roy Williamson Phil Durkin web

One point ahead of Don and trophy winner is Phil Durkin CPAGB


Our final Trophy is the Coronation Cup, and this is for the Photographer of the Year. This is the result of the sum of the scores for the Print and PDI competitions added to the Audio Visual and Geoff Davies competitions. I am delighted to confirm that in third place with a superb total of 138 club points is Phil Durkin CPAGB. In second place with 157 club points is Richard Towell DPAGB.

Coronation Don Isherwood web

Scoring 159 club points, two more than Richard, our Photographer of the Year 2017 is Don Isherwood.


All winners web

Our congratulations ot all our winners, and our thanks to Garth Tigue CPAGB

A photograph taken by one of our members

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