Competition Information

This is the part of the website where you will find out how to submit images to the various competitions involving the Club, and also about the current standing of members in the competitions to date. Please click on the links to the left.

The club runs three levels of monthly competitions, one for Club Entry Level, one for Intermediate Level and one for Advanced photographers; all three are for prints and projected images. A club member can self select which level to be in on joining the club, and when to progress from beginner to Intermediate, and from intermediate to advanced level - such a move usually happens at the year end.

At the end of each year the winners of each competition are awarded a trophy and a certificate. When a club entry level wins a trophy then that member is promoted to the intermediate group.  When an intermediate level wins a trophy then that member is promoted to the advanced group. If a club entry level chooses to enter an image in the intermediate level, or an intermediate level chooses to enter advanced level, then that member can no longer enter any further images as a club entry level or intermediate level.

The rules and guidelines, as shown in the pdf files under "Competition Rules"  in the left hand margin, were agreed at the AGM in January 2014. The rules agreed then are still current until changed at an A.G.M. The Council recognises the need for rules and guidelines but the over riding desire is for competitions to be both fun and entertaining. Any member with suggestions is more than welcome to raise them with any Council member at any time.

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